5 Reasons We Love Marshall's Local Raw Honey

5 Reasons We Love Marshall's Local Raw Honey

We are proud to only source our honey from local bees, but do you ever wonder why it's important and beneficial to do so? Here are just 5 reasons why:

1. Local & raw honey has healing properties.

Have a sore throat? Honey is a wonderful additionn to a hot tea. Not only does it coat your sore throat but also helps to kill bacteria as it's a natural antiseptic!

2. Reduces seasonal allergies.

If you're looking for an alternative way to treat your allergies, try some honey from your local beekeeper. Eating local honey gives you a small dose of those pesky allergens. Over time, this has a similar effect to allergy injections which try to accustome your body to those allergens that bother us so much.

3. Raw is best.

Most of the health benefits in honey are lost when it's heated & filtered in mass production. Shop small and local!

4. Mass produced honey is harmful to bees. Buying local keeps the bees producing this nectar in their natural environment pollinating has nature intended.

5. 100% Pure Raw Honey like Marshall's Honey, will last forever.

No need to worry about your honey spoiling as it requires no refrigeration and lasts forever. If you notice it crystalizing, it just means it's gotten a bit too chilly. Spencer Marshall, the beekeeper at Marshall's Farm, recommends that you immerse the jar in a pot of water 3/4 of the way to the top with the lid off until the honey re-liquefies, using low heat, then let it cool.

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