Durst Organic Growers (Esparto, CA)

About them: Durst Farms believes farming should work in conjunction with the natural world, not against. With every decision they make on the farm, they keep in mind a long term goal of leaving the land better than how they found it.

How do they do this?

  • By returning to the soil equal or greater of that which they use from the soil to grow their crops. They look for innovative, organically-approved methods for treating weed, pest, and nutrition problems. 
  • They plan ahead, and employ preventative practices whenever and wherever they can. 
  • They also adopt methods that allow them to conserve resources when possible.
  • They pay their employees fairly for their hard work and expect a high caliber of professionalism and care in return.
  • Ultimately their goal is to create a farm and workplace that they not only can feel good about, but that provides real (tasty) results.