Las Palmitas Farm (Carpinteria, CA)


About them: Las Palmalitas Ranch is located in the heart of our favorite avocado growing region, Carpinteria on the Central Coast of Southern California. The fertile soil and cool weather near the ocean provide prime growing conditions for excellent, premium avocados. Their 20-acre farm has been owned by one family for over 150 years, settled in 1868. The original family farmhouse, still occupied, is featured on their logo and boxes.

In 2000, they became a certified organic farm and packing facility. Billy Carleton and his dad, Will, also manage the 50-acre fruit orchards from neighboring family members who are also certified organic. In addition to packing their own family fruit, they pack for a few local certified farms, all under their own label. Though most of their production is of the ever-popular Hass avocado, they also offer Macarthur, Zutano, Bacon, Fuerte, Gwen, Lamb Hass, Pinkerton, Nabal, Reed, and a newly developed variety, the Gem. On the original home ranch, biodynamic practices are used.

Will Carleton believes that what we do to this earth will be important to our grandchildren. According to Will, the lighter our touch, the longer we can enjoy what nature has provided. “Avocados survived a long time before pesticides and chemical fertilizers,” he adds; “and they will continue to do very well without them.”