Mexico Tortilla Factory (Newark, CA)

About them:  They are a family owned and operated Mexican restaurant with a small grocery store and tortilla manufacturing business, located in the heart of the San Francisco bay area, serving Newark and our surrounding communities since 1972. They have been serving authentic Mexican food with the freshest ingredients and manufacturing corn tortillas with our family recipe daily for 45 years.
The tortillas are made from all-natural stone ground corn just as their ancestors prepared them centuries ago. Along with fresh tortillas, they also make their own line of fresh masa for tamales, tortilla chips, tostada shells, crunchy taco shells and fresh salsas which are prepared daily and all made in-house. You can find all their homemade corn products along with any Mexican ingredients you will need for your very own recipes, right here in their grocery store.

Mexican cuisine has one of the most unique flavor profiles in the different cooking styles across the globe. A blend of indigenous cooking and Spanish influences, this cuisine is known for its intense, hearty, and distinct taste. If you want to taste Mexican food at its finest, turn to Mexico Tortilla Factory & Deli in Newark, CA. They offer delicious traditional Mexican meals, featuring fresh tortillas, handmade tacos, and amazing fresh tortilla chips!