Roli Roti (Bay Area, CA)

About them: Roli Roti was founded by Thomas Odermatt, a third-generation master butcher from Switzerland.Growing up in his family’s award-winning butcher shop, Thomas moved to the States and created America’s first gourmet rotisserie food truck, Roli Roti. Born a single truck in 2002, Roli Roti is now a fleet of six that roams the Bay Area daily slinging its famed rotisserie chickens and porchetta sandwiches. And why the name Roli Roti? Well, it’s named for literally being a rolling rotisserie.Feeding thousands of loyal customers every week, their feedback showed Thomas that people appreciated Thomas’ take on food—simple yet painstakingly made. Thomas was inspired to nourish people outside of his trucks in only the ways he knew how.In 2015, Thomas created his first retail product: Butcher’s Bone Broth. An organic fresh bone broth that—like his truck—embodies Thomas’ approach to feeding others: putting in all of the manpower and hours to create food that is healthy, delicious, and satisfying.Whether it is spending hours perfectly cooking a chicken on a rotisserie spit or taking a full day to simmer a bottle of bone broth, Roli Roti aims to empower home cooks to eat better without putting in the time or the effort—we’ve taken care of that for you.