Savor Blends (East Palo Alto, CA)


About them: You may know them from our ever so popular Black Garlic Vampire Butter but this local EPA family makes so many more delicious products! Find their Vampire Butter in this week's Meal Deal!

Meet Dulani, Lisa and Myles Spencer, founders of Savor Seasoning Blends -- handcrafted blends ffrom their kitchen to yours!

It all started with a cookbook called "Food in Jars," which Lisa gave to her husband as a Christmas present several years ago. Soon after, he made his own rosemary salt; tasting it inspired her to make her own garlic salt. She started to create more unique blends in her home kitchen, giving them away to friends and family. In the past, Dulani  worked as a baker, taking knife cutting and food safety courses and now working in the food department at Whole Foods; anything that would keep himself around food. During that first month, that book turned theirtiny kitchen into a crazy, mess of salts, bowls, and pans. The outcome? - "Herbed", our rosemary sea salt blend. They know sell their many creations online!