Voila Juice (Oakland, CA)

About them: Voila Juices was established in Berkeley, California during the summer of 1978 and began its life in the form of a small and colorful juice cart set up in front of the Downtown Bart Station.

Partners Gary Boland and Dale Allen had a successful business from day one. Appreciative customers lined up to buy one of their fresh squeezed juices and smoothie blends. Before too long word got around that their products were healthy, nutritious and delicious. People just love them.

Soon the ambitious partners decided set up a small factory in a converted tool shed behind the house they were renting, squeezing oranges and grapefruits, putting the fresh juices into bottles and selling them to local produce markets.

With the emphasis placed on quality, old-fashioned hard work and dose of good luck their fledgling business quickly grew. When they finally got the inevitable visit from the local authorities, they realized their new enterprise had reached a crossroads. Now was the time to either fold up their tent or take the plunge and set up a real juice extraction facility. Needless to say they decided on the latter.

And now, from those early and exciting beginnings, Voila Juices is proud to be one of the major suppliers of fresh and flash pasteurized juices and smoothies in the San Francisco Bay Area with hundreds of loyal customers from Sacramento to Los Gatos.