Lunch Box - Chicken & Pesto Sandwiches


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Looking for something new to make for lunch? This week we are offering our "Lunch Box" meal highlighting local vendors Pacific Coast Bakery, The Pasta Shop and Butcher's by Roli Roti.

Butcher's by Roli Roti Salt & Pepper Sous Vide Chicken, refrigerated, 9 oz 

Pacific Coast Bakery's Ciabatta Rolls 4'x4' Six Pack

The Pasta Shop's Arugala & Parsley Pesto 8 oz


Butcher's by Roli Roti Salt & Pepper Sous Vide Chicken

Simplicity at its best! Roli Roti Butcher’s Salt & Pepper Chicken takes just three ingredients: air-chilled chicken breast meat, salt, and black peppercorns and cooks them all sous vide. The result is a super versatile succulent chicken breast meat.

The Pasta Shop

Making fresh pasta has been our passion for over 30 years. Every day, our kitchen on Lowell Street in Oakland produces over 2,000 pounds of fresh ravioli, rolled and extruded pasta and handcrafted sauces. 

Arugula & Parsley Pesto Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, parsley, almonds, arugula, capers, lemon, garlic, salt, black pepper. Vegan.