Classic Meal Deal ($60 value) 01.23.23

This week we're offering an Asian blended chicken dish, a delicious hot meal for the entire family to enjoy! 
  • Organic Chicken Thighs, 2 lb, frozen 
  • Roli Roti Chicken Broth
  • Jennysong Organic Citrus Lime Miso Dressing, 12 oz
  • Edison Grainery Organic White Jasmine Rice, 16 oz
  • La Tourangelle Artisan Made Toasted Sesame Oil, 8.45 oz
  • Whiskey Oaks Asian Seasoning Blend, .64 oz
  • Viola! Organic Orange Juice, 1 quart

*Products and quantities are subject to change based on availability with limitations caused by COVID-19.