Vegetarian Meal Deal 7.18.21


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Why go to Italy, when Italy can come to you! Treat yourself to a nice Italian-themed dinner using fresh and organic ingredients from this week's Classic Meal Deal.

  • The Pasta Shop Marinara Sauce, fresh, refrigerated, 16 oz
  • Home Maid Cheese & Spinach Ravioli, 2 boxes, frozen
  • Rumiano Organic Parmesan Shredded Cheese, 6 oz, refrigerated
  • Pacific Coast, Large Wharf Sourdough, 28 oz
  • Whiskey Oaks Garlic Bread Seasoning, .64 oz
  • Spring Hill Jersey Organic Butter, salted, 8 oz
  • Glaum Organic Large Brown Cage Free Eggs, 1 dozen
  • Clover Organic Vanilla Yogurt with Cream Top, 6 oz, 2 containers

*Products and quantities are subject to change based on availability with limitations caused by COVID-19.