DIY Carnitas Tacos


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Make your own Carnitas Tacos this weekend using RoliRoti's Ready-to-Eat Pork Carnitas which are cooked sous vide for the most delicious and tender meat. Pan-fry to get that traditional crispy, caramelized finish. Make nachos, tacos, sandwiches with its easy-to-shred meat infused with flavor from real orange and fresh herbs.

Don't forget to top off your tacos with our Make Your Own Guacamole Bag and Queso Cotija!

Order includes:

  • Roli Roti Sous Vide Carnitas - precooked, antibiotic-free, 14 oz
  • Mexico Tortilla Factory Corn Tortillas 1 dozen
  • Mexico Tortilla Factory Flour Tortillas 1 dozen 
  • La Catrina Award Winning Red Salsa, 16 oz, fresh, refrigerated

Carnitas Reheating Instructions: remove from packaging, and place in a large pan over medium heat. As the carnitas heat through, they'll begin to "fall apart" into the carnitas texture, caramelizing and getting crisp around the edges. Continue to fry them until you reach your desired level of crispiness, then enjoy!

Carnitas Ingredients: pork, salt, orange peel, and bay leaf

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