Falafel Pocket Sandwiches


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Make your own falafel sandwich this weekend, with a warm pita bread stuffed with crispy hot falafel balls, surrounded by fresh and crunchy vegetables from our Seasonal Vegetable Box, topped with Mediterranean herbs,  and drenched with nutty Tahini sauce and creamy Tzatziki. Want more protein? Add some of our chicken thighs.

Easy-to-prepare cooking instructions included: heat in the oven for 7 minutes at 350 or fry up in oil at 375 for 2 minutes.

Allergens: Sesame, dairy, gluten, soy

Order includes:

  • SAJJ Mediterranean Par-cooked Falafels, 20 count, refrigerated 
  • Mediterranean Pita Bread, 4 count, sliced in half 
  • Mediterranean Tzatziki, 8 oz, fresh, refrigerated 
  • SAJJ Mediterranean Tahini Sauce, 8 oz, fresh, refrigerated 

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