Hodo Tofu Burgers - Cajun OR Veggie


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Hodo Tofu Burgers

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Hodo Cajun Burger, two 4 oz patties, ready-to-eat

Inspired by our sooo popular original plant-based, organic veggie burger, we created a new burger with organic spices like paprika, thyme and cayenne pepper. It’s a Louisiana-inspired twist on our already outrageously delicious veggie burger. Wholesome and ‘meaty’, each Cajun patty provides more than a third of your daily protein needs and rivals any traditional quarter pounder

Hodo Tofu Veggie Burger, two 4 oz patties, ready-to-eat

Why do we love these award-winning burgers so much? Oh, let us count the ways! They’re so hearty, so tasty, we’ve watched even the most carnivore-y people swoon over them. And kids? They absolutely love them. Here’s why: We make them with our nutty, protein-packed organic tofu, organic veggies and then add in shiitake mushrooms for an umami-rich flavor punch. There’s no mish-mash of unidentifiable ingredients or any fake stuff allowed. Ever. Just pure tofu veggie burger goodness, ready in a flash.