Organic Yuba Sheet


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Yuba is a delicacy. Also known as “bean curd sheet,” yuba is the thin veil that forms on the surface as the cream rises in heated soymilk. At Hodo, we hand harvest the yuba, one sheet at a time. Hodo Yuba has a creamy, nutty and subtly complex flavor, with a firm bite. Hodo Yuba is gluten-free, protein-rich and has zero cholesterol. All Hodo Yuba is made from organic, non-GMO, US-grown whole soybeans.

Hodo Organic Yuba Sheet 2 sheets, 2.5 oz per sheet

Hodo Yuba comes in thin sheets that can be cut into noodles and makes for a great all-organic, gluten-free pasta dish. Hodo Yuba is perfect for wraps and spring rolls or as a wonderful addition into stews, soups and sautés.

Ingredients: Water, Organic Non-GMO Soybeans

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