Vegetarian Meal Deal 10.29.23

In honor of Dia de los Muertos we are happy to include traditional products sourced from some of our favorite local vendors!  Enjoy this week's meal deal with authentic ingredients  and delicious Southwestern Corn Chowder soup! Don't miss out on the special sweet treats, a hand decorated skull cookie and traditional Pan de Muertos! 
This week's $10 Vegetarian Meal Deal includes: 
  • 1849 Chili Verde Salsa El Dorado, 13.4 oz
  • Mexico Tortilla Factory Flour & Corn Tortillas, 1 dozen each
  • Petaluma Creamery Monterey Jack Cheese, 1 lb block
  • Mexico Tortilla Factory Pan de Muerto, 9"
  • Ladle & Leaf Organic Southwestern Corn Chowder Soup, TWO 16 oz containers
  • Arteagas Food Hand Decorated Skull Cookie, 3.5"x 2.5" Qty 1

      *Products and quantities are subject to change based on availability with limitations caused by COVID-19.